Monday, January 20, 2020

MLK's Dream

Marcy MacDonald

20 x 500... it's 1.20/2020

6 mins

What a man, What a message... continue MLK's Dream, praying for PEACE among us humans.

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day 2020! #GoogleDoodle

Thursday, January 2, 2020

January 2, 2020

E*M*BRA*C*E*/1300 (yourself)
5x50/2x25 =5700 yards

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Hogmanay Auld Lang Syne

To all my Sottish Family and Friends and if you just like scotch or haggis (it's not as bad as you think, just think sausage) ...
Day 1 January Jam swim...
HO*G*M*A*NA*Y* (2250) ...*=25 kick
A*U*LD (1000)
LA*NG* (900)
=5950 Hogmanay yards...
These customs going back hundreds of years are believed to originate with Viking rituals. The traditions inspire hope for health, prosperity, and new beginnings in the New Year.

Thursday, December 5, 2019

Triple birthday

Have an AWESOME birthday and year, Tom Collins, James Bayles and Audrey Hamblin ... blessed to celebrate another year, love to all of you

Friday, August 2, 2019

Globe Manufactured...Swim Across the Sound 2019 ... COME FOLLOW US

TOMORROW... on Saturday August 3rd, I'll be participating in Swim Across the Sound which benefits cancer patients and their families.


This year, I'm teaming up with my childhood Manchester Rec Swim Club team-mate, Geoff Michaud. We spent hours in the summer, swimming at Globe Hollow, hence our team name, Globe Manufactured. A bit of history about Globe is on our team page... we were destined to be Open Water Swimmers training in the dark water, and we had a blast guarding and teaching swimming there... such wonderful memories.

Come Follow us

we're #10

Saturday, July 6, 2019

25 Anniversary Swim... Finished

Greeting from Dover, enjoying a day by the sea with a few muscle aches after yesterday and I'm over the multiple jellyfish ZAPS, but I am happy to say I will be able to swim another day... next stop is in Bridgeport CT for the Swim Across the Sound. I'll be doing a 2-person relay with my childhood team mate,Geoffrey Michaud, both of us grew up on the Manchester Rec Swim team... great memories, we'll talk about that next week.

THANK YOU for all your kind words of encouragement and congratulations messages, The English Channel is NEVER an easy swim, and I had to pull out a multitude of tricks from my experience vault and prayers to get through it, I was a hurting puppy.
Yesterday, the planets were aligned perfectly and the greek gods Aeolus, the keeper of the winds, were smiling down on us... and Poseidon may have not seen I was in the sea (experiences from the past). We had fantastic conditions and landed under the cliffs of Cape Gris Nez, France, 12 hours, 34 minutes, a pretty good time for senior swimmer on the high spring tide...even though it felt like 15 hours.

This is a TEAM event, MANY Thanks for my TEAM: Janet (Jmg Fish) keeps me fed and looks over me, trying to keep me entertained or at least smiling through the tough patches.Dave Chisholm was her 'to go to man' pictures, heating water... and finally a safety escort to the rocks, so SPECIAL, because on his crossing in 2008, I had the pleasure to be his Observer and escort him to the beach.

Then there is the boat team, so important, it certainly takes a special breed of person with patience to guide a swimmer across the Straits, my pilot, Michael Oram plotted out a perfect course for me the reach my original Boulder that I landed at 25 years ago, but I just wasn't strong enough to get past the Cape, so that is why we landed on the north side of the cape (the tide had changed and blew me north.)
Tanya Harding and Mike Ball sat patiently at the wheel, watching and guiding me safely across Le Manche for a 17th time, THANK YOU.

My advice to all the aspiring swimmers... Be Patient, you will get there and the discomfort, even misery will be temporary and 24 hours late, you will probably forget all about those parts and remember the SUCCESS.

There are some pictures from yesterday and I will be posting more when I finish organizing them... on my blog

Dream, Prepare, Succeed










Thank You Janet

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

25 Anniversary swim ... 4th of July...MIDNIGHT

OK friends,

I was hoping for a July 4th, Independence Day (25th Anniversary) swim across the English Channel. The weather has changed again, still cooperating, but pushed back to the next high tide... ***I'm really not disappointed, starting at midnight, especially at this time of year, there is only a few hours of darkness, then the rest of the day under beautiful sunlight­čśÇ
so here's the plan...
tomorrow, on the 4th of July, I rest and do final preparations with Janet (Jmg Fish)... remember there's at least 12 hours of different feeds to prep and package... lots go into every OWswimmers trip...
we will start around Midnight, the 4th going into July 5th, that's 7 pm for my US East Coast family/friends (if something gets in the way we will probably postpone for another 12 hours and have to swim at noon, on Friday the 5th, just keep checking my blog)... once we start you can follow my progress on ...  (look for the GREEN Triangle (Gallivant is my pilot, Mike Oram's boat), hover over the triangles to get the boat names (this site you can see all the traffic on the English Channel) ...
or you follow my SPOT device. SPOT devices use satellite technology to allow people to share communicate and share GPS coordinates from virtually anywhere in the world. Click the link to locate my SPOT. Learn more about the SPOT product family at!

Just follow this link to see my location updates:
If the link doesn't work, try copying and pasting it to your browser's address bar.
Thank you for ALL of your SUPPORT and interest, I will thinking of you all,
Be in touch afterward... until later

Saturday, May 25, 2019


Better a day late... I suppose these swims put me over top...I was asked many time yesterday,... Why?... How?... I still can not totally answer that question, but I do know that I met so many wonderful people in and out of the water, that I'm still motivated to train and challenge myself.
Thank you to Bill Hamblin and Audrey Hamblin for your caring hospitality at the Victoria Guest House, you made a home for us (who were far away from our home).
1997: solo: Ken, Janet Jmg Fish, Elizabeth Collins, Jan Rink, Mel Siebold, Pilot: Mike Oram, Observer: Frank Richards, Travelers: Katrine Collins, Debra Tranberg, Karen Murphy
1999: not successful/long story another time, only time I left the Oram Stable... Janet, Bertha Eurto, Nigel Holder, travelers: Mom, Lisa Vassilopoulous, Beth and Jim, Teresa, Charvelle and Kassandra Holder
2000: solo: wimped out at 17 hours, no substantial reason to get out, WICKED learning experience.... Janet, Bertha, Jan, Mike O., Frank, Travelers: Corky Sherwood
2001: Double #1: SWEET victory over the channel... Janet, Bertha, Mike O., Derek Carter, Observers: Frank, Jackie Carter.
2003: Janet. Mike O., Derek, Observer: Frank.
1st Relay: Double: Force 6 America: Scott Lautman, Marcia Cleveland, Henry Eckstein, R Cristian Vergara and Vince Herring ( 1st vie of the channel from above, and I like it)
1st Observing Job: watching Morris Finkelstein successfully swim across, An INSPIRATION to me... Than, Nigel Holder, travelers: Mom, Lisa Vassilopoulos, Beth and Jim, Teresa, Charvelle and
2004: Double #2: Janet, Dianne Grenier, Mike O., Lance O, Codge, Alison Streeter, Derek, Tavelers: Mom, Lynn Fields
2007: Janet, Margaret Peterson, Mike O. Derek,
2009: Janet, James Godden, Mike O., Lance O, Codge, Alison Streeter, Derek, Travelers: Mom, Lynn Fields
20011: Book-end swims: 1st and Final Solo for the season.
June: Dave Chisholm, Mike O., James, O, Mike O.
Oct: Janet, Scott Lautman, Lance O., I can't remember the rest, swim was 24 hours after arriving in Dover, Pre-swim dinner: fish and Chips and Full Breakfast, I guess it can be done.
2012: Blown out: Thanks Amanda Rossolimo for traveling and experiencing Dover
2013: Double: Janet, Scott, Mike O., James, Mike Ball
2014: Solo: Janet, Mike O. Derek.
2018: attempt to Belgium... finished north of Calais, due to injury.
Janet, Scott, Jane Murphy, Mike O, Mike Ball, Tanya Harding, Jason Kelvin… 1st experience with Seals.
Oh what a ride across the English Channel....

2015 ... Swimming for Homes for the Brave

After spending the past 20 years paddling from Dover to France, it is time to venture into new waters, while helping some special people.
Soon, I will be traveling with my A-team to Scotland to swim the length of the famous Loch Ness.
As always, I try to help a Foundation raise funds and awareness and I thank you for interest and support.
I am deeply troubled with the thought of homeless individuals, especially in our US Veteran population.

That is why I am teaming up with our Connecticut-based “Homes for the Brave”. Can you imagine not having a place to call home?

Here is more information about Homes for the Brave! -Facebook pages –

- Annual Appeal with more information about our financials and programs-

-Check donations can be mailed to the following address:
Homes for the Brave
655 Park Avenue
Bridgeport, CT 06604

- Donations can be made online as well:

Please write “Loch Ness Swim/Marcy” to track your donation.

I will always be dedicating my swimming to all those battling cancer and in the memory of 4 special people in my life. Cancer first hit my family when I was young. My grand-aunt Eleanor Kersavage, passed away with uterine cancer and my Auntie Bea Halchak battled with brain cancer.

On January 1, 2002, our LEHY family lost Nikki Giampolo to bone cancer, just turning 16 years old. Her spirit still lives on in our East Hartford swim team.

In July of 2009, my brother-in-law, Gregory Allen Urban, who passed away, after a valient battle with lung cancer. I can see him now, talking about cars and projects around the house, music and his family.

I know Aunties, Eleanor and Bea, Nikki, Greg and all the angels will help me CUT through all this water this summer.

The St. Vincent's Medical Center Foundation, based in Bridgeport, CT provides financial support for the needs that Health insurance companies don't cover, in addition to providing affordable cancer screening, wigs, medication and other things to make life easier for those suffering with cancer and their families.

Please make a donation, and thank you.

Online donations can be made at:

or you can send a check through the post to:

Swim Across the Sound
St. Vincent's Medical Center Foundation
2800 Main Street
Bridgeport, CT 06606

Thank you so very much, peace and good health to all.