Friday, December 29, 2017

Tampa Bay 2017 Finale... Sunday

Hi everyone,

I wanted to start the new year with a big swim, but as Mother Nature does not want cooperate me, the weather forecast for New Year's Day is not favorable.... so we will be making the attempt on New Year's Eve day...
hopefully finish the year on a successful note.

I have a SPOT device, so come follow us up the bay... Start will be around 6:30ish AM, and we'll be out in the water for the day...

Talk to you soon.

Just follow this link to see my location updates:
If the link doesn't work, try copying and pasting it to your browser's address bar.


Gumby and Pokey are showing Marv the Manatee the ropes for Tampa, thank you Heather Roka...

Happy new Year's eve to all (tomorrow) and be in touch in 2018

Dream, Prepare, Succeed

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

TC swims on

Oh TC, how we will miss you at the MCC pool.
today was in honor of you, my friend...
75 (what a Sports Fan and reporter)
T=500 (worked on my flip turns)


525 (12/26/2017...Boxing Day, how appropriate TC, she loved London and the Brits)
525 (again for her Wimbledon appearances)
75 (UCONN will never be able to place such a caring and understanding professor, she loved teaching, writing and guiding our youth)
=4300 we love you and miss you TC yards

Thursday, December 14, 2017

SANDY HOOK PROMISE 5 years of sadness

5 years... Sad day...stop the violence...take the promise
Amanda Rossolimo and I took a memorial swim this morning, with always the ?... why?
325 (12/14/2012)
S 475 A 25 N 350 D 100 Y 625
20 x 25 for the 20 beautiful children
H 200 O 375 O 375 K 275
6 x 25 for the beautiful educators
P 400 R 450 O 375 M 325 I 225 S 475 E 125
= 6150 memorial yards

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Kaeley, Sally and Leonid

Toss up between Snow Day and Birthdays.... Celebrating friends always wins out....
Happy Birthday to Kaeley SteinnagelSally Goble and Leonid Kokaurov....
550 (12/9/2017)
K=275 Kaeley Steinnagel... + 100 (4) + 75 (?)
S=475 Sally Goble...+ 125 (5) + 50 (2) <52>
L=300 Leonid Kokaurov... + 150 (6) + 50 (2) <62>
= 4200 Birthday yards... enjoy each day... all swimmers

Pearl Harbor and Deb's 62nd

Another combination swim day.
Always remember Pearl Harbor Day, sad and honorable.
Birthday wishes my friend Debra Tranberg , all this history and birthdays are getting me back in shape.
625 w/u (12.7.1941)
P=400 (Pearl)
H=200 (Harbor)
H=200 (Hawaii)
7 x 150 (2:15) 76 years ago
750 (12.7.1955)
D= 100
E= 125
B= 50
1 x 50/ 2 x 175/ 7 x 25/ 1 x 225/
14 x 125 (main set: 100 push/25 drill)
6 x 50 (:45)
500 c/d (12.7.2017)
= 6850 memorable yards

Halifax and Bob's 64

I heard this story on WNPR this morning and I had add it to my birthday swim for my brother in law, Bob Perkowski
This horrible explosion 100 years ago, brought the US and Canada closer together; according to historians, we didn't really get along with our northern neighbors, but we helped them and I guess have continued a close friendly relationship.
675 w/u (12/6/1917)
H200 A25 L300 I225 F150 A25 X600
now for my birthday friend
675 (12/6/1953)
2 x 100 (1:30) 50 (B)
3 x 400 (6:00; 1-push 1st 50 of each 100/ 2-push middle 50/ 3- push 2nd 50)
100 (1:30)/ 375 (O)/ 100
3 x 400
2 x 100/ 50 (B)
475 (12/6/2017)
7 x 25 (lucky # 7)
= 7000 birthday yards
...tomorrow is Pearl Harbor and Deb day


Happy birthday work out in honor of 5 special people... All under the umbrella of dear Audrey Hamblin , James Bayles , Paul Lewis , Molly Nance and last but not least, nephew Tom Collins....
26 x 100 (1:30) easy 50 drill for Tom
26 x 100 Easy 50 for Molly
3 x 100 (57). Easy 50 for Paul
9 x 100 (66) .... easy 50 for Jim
15 x 100 (81).... for Audrey
450 cool down (12.5.2017)
8750 happy birthday yards

Trying to celebrate as many birthdays as possible this New year 🎂🎉... Double 5400 for my twin sister and me ...
Today we have always celebrated my brother Ken MacDonald and niece Melanie Skroski...
Thanks for the challenge you two..
675 (11/27/1960...Ken)
39 x 100 (1:30)
900 (11/27/1978... Mel)
18 x 100 (1:30) finish up Ken's
525 (11/27/2017... Today)
= 7800 🎂🎂🎂🎂 yards
😎 Tomorrow is a. Rita's...84😑🎂

Happy Birthday Helena Diaz , WOW 18... you are developing into a smart, beautiful young lady, who we know will make a difference in the world.
Enjoy your day and year, we'll catch up to you later this week when you get back to UCONN. We love you kiddo... Aunty Marcy and Janet
Had to celebrate your day in the pool yesterday (no pool available on Thanksgiving) I know confusing but keeps your mind occupied.
875 (1+1+2+3+1+9+9+9=35) (11/23/1999: Birthdate)
2 x 100 (1:30) 25+200 (1+8 for 18)
2 x 100 H= 200 (3:00)
2 x 100 E= 125
2 x 100 L= 300 (4:30)
2 x 100 E= 125
2 x 100 N= 350 (5:15)
2 x 100 A= 25
2 x 100 450 (another 18 on 6:45)
2 x 100 (total 18 x 100's)
1 x 25/1 x 50(:45)/2 x 75/3 x 50(:45)/ 2 x 25/ 1 x 175
425 (1+1+2+3+2+0+1+7=17) (11/23/2017 Thanksgiving Birthday)
= 5300 Thanksgiving Birthday yards

2015 ... Swimming for Homes for the Brave

After spending the past 20 years paddling from Dover to France, it is time to venture into new waters, while helping some special people.
Soon, I will be traveling with my A-team to Scotland to swim the length of the famous Loch Ness.
As always, I try to help a Foundation raise funds and awareness and I thank you for interest and support.
I am deeply troubled with the thought of homeless individuals, especially in our US Veteran population.

That is why I am teaming up with our Connecticut-based “Homes for the Brave”. Can you imagine not having a place to call home?

Here is more information about Homes for the Brave! -Facebook pages –

- Annual Appeal with more information about our financials and programs-

-Check donations can be mailed to the following address:
Homes for the Brave
655 Park Avenue
Bridgeport, CT 06604

- Donations can be made online as well:

Please write “Loch Ness Swim/Marcy” to track your donation.

I will always be dedicating my swimming to all those battling cancer and in the memory of 4 special people in my life. Cancer first hit my family when I was young. My grand-aunt Eleanor Kersavage, passed away with uterine cancer and my Auntie Bea Halchak battled with brain cancer.

On January 1, 2002, our LEHY family lost Nikki Giampolo to bone cancer, just turning 16 years old. Her spirit still lives on in our East Hartford swim team.

In July of 2009, my brother-in-law, Gregory Allen Urban, who passed away, after a valient battle with lung cancer. I can see him now, talking about cars and projects around the house, music and his family.

I know Aunties, Eleanor and Bea, Nikki, Greg and all the angels will help me CUT through all this water this summer.

The St. Vincent's Medical Center Foundation, based in Bridgeport, CT provides financial support for the needs that Health insurance companies don't cover, in addition to providing affordable cancer screening, wigs, medication and other things to make life easier for those suffering with cancer and their families.

Please make a donation, and thank you.

Online donations can be made at:

or you can send a check through the post to:

Swim Across the Sound
St. Vincent's Medical Center Foundation
2800 Main Street
Bridgeport, CT 06606

Thank you so very much, peace and good health to all.